Chen Bing in Cologne February 2018

Chen Bing, geb. 1971
Master Chen Bing is living in his hometown Chenjiagou and is after his uncle Chen Xiao Wang keeping the 20th generation of the Chen-family, the founding family of the chenstyle taijiquan. Today he is leading a taiji school and giving seminars around the world.


We are very happy to announce Chen Bing will be back in Europe. One of his three stations will be Cologne in February.

Details of the Seminar:

Fr 23rd and Sa 24th
10.00-12.30 (lunch) 14.00-16.30
13-energy form, introduction Laoija Yilu
standing, reeling-silk movements, easy-pushands

Su 25th
Laoija Yilu
13 energie movements combined with push hands

Mo 26th (for advanced)
13 energie push hands/ routines/ application
13 energie push hands/ shuai jiao(??)

Aikido Dojo
Neusserstraße 26
50670 Köln
(Sleeping in the Dojo for free)

one day: 10.00-16.30: 75 €
evening: 19.00-20.45: 30 €
whole Seminar: 295 €

definite registration via email:

Further Information:
This time we will practice Laojia Yilu and Chen Bings 13 movement form based on the basic 13 energies (or 13 postures) of taijiquan.
(peng (ward-off), lu (roll-back), li (press), an (push), tsai (pull-down), lie (split), etc.). Later during the seminar we will practise how to use these energies in push-hands.

Sunday morning we will only practice Laojia Yilu. In the afternoon we start to combine the 13 energie movements with push hands patterns in order to get a practical understanding of these movements.

Monday will be an intense training day for push hands and application only (of course build up on the exercises learned before). The last session will include shuai jiao (wrestling/ringing) and include some falling on the ground.
For this day you should be familiar with pushhands. If you are a complete beginner in push hands but want to join the monday too, you can also join, but Chen Bing won´t consider much time to teach the detailed procedure of the tuishou routine. We want to provide an opportunity for advanced to intensively improve their push hands ability and give ideas for teachers teaching push hands to enrich their lessons.

If you have questions please don´t hesitate to ask!

Kursreihe NRW 2016 - 1. Form Chen Stil

         Kursreihe in Bonn - Essen - Köln

  • Workshopleitung: Nabil Ranne

    Köln: 09.-11. Dezember 2016

    Fr 16.00-20.00 Uhr
    Sa 10.00-19.00 Uhr
    So 10.00-14.00 Uhr

    Machabäarstraße 28,
    50668 Köln

Die erste Form (YiLu) in 12 Monaten.

Dieses anspruchsvolle Ziel erfordert Einsatz von Teilnehmer wie Trainern.

Wir möchten einen Rahmen bieten, in dem jede/er durch 3 Intensiv-Wochenenden an den CTND-NRW Standorten Bonn - Köln - Essen (plus optional 3 zusätzlichen Wochenendlehrgängen durch die Assitenzlehrer 2016)  das Konzept der 1. Form nach Chen Yu/ Chen Zhaokui erlernen kann

Selbstverständlich können die Seminare auch einzeln gebucht werden.

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Chen Fake - Zhen Zhaokui - Chen Yu